Application for Agency

If you have certain financial knowledge and experience, and you want to get commission income by introducing clients, you can apply to be the agent of FXOAK. Once you become an agent, you can get a generous commission on the transaction amount of your clients, and the daily instant settlement commission!

The following is the application requirements, procedures and introduction of the agent:

I. Application Conditions

Our agents are the general agent IB, MIB and the distinguished agent PIB three grades:

1. You need have a professional promotion website with a high PR value. You can provide the URL to us, if the audit standard, can be directly the cooperation agent. The agent level is based on the status of the website.

2. If you do not meet the above conditions, you must:

General agent IB:

  • The transaction accounts of $10,000 of transactions.
  • Recommend 3 more direct deposit customers.

Senior agent MIB:

  • There are at least 20 savings accounts.
  • The accumulated transaction volume of the clients is over half a million dollars.

Distinguished agent PIB:

  • There are at least 50 account customers.
  • A total of more than $1 million has been added to the clients.

How to apply

1. Login the personal membership management system.

2. Click “My MT4 Accounts” — “Profile” — “Rank” — “Request to Change ” :

3. Select the position you are applying for, write your own trading volume and recommend clients’ trading account in the comments section so that we can review and then click “Add Request” :

4. After the submission, you will see your agent application in your own membership system and begin to be in the state of pending approval. Our channel department will reply you within 1-3 working days. Once approved, you will be shown as approved and your position will be upgraded to the position you are applying for.

How to promote customers

1. Before you become an agent, you can go to the individual member center directly and copy your promotion link in the upper right corner, then let your client register the account with the link. After you have introduced more than three customers, you can start applying for agency.

2. If you have already become an agent, you will also copy the agent link directly from the above image, so that your customer can register. You can also get the customer to register directly on the website, but you should write your MT4 account on the recommendation code.

3. You can visit your own membership center to check your customers’ distribution and commission quantity.

If you have any questions about the agent, please send email to [email protected]. Our channel department will reply to you in time.

High Risk Investment Warning: Derivative options trading involve significant investment risk, we strongly recommend that you read and understand the terms and conditions. Although every independent risk derivative options trading are flxed. However being a trader,the investment operation is flexible,which may cause you to lose partially or all of the original investment, especially if the trader invest on single online trading product. We strongly recommend investors to choose an appropriate tradiing method and asset management make good control of consecutive trading and total investment.

Regional Restrictions:We does not provide services to residents of the United States, British Columbia, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, etc.

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