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How to Withdraw

Before the first withdrawal, you will need to log on to the individual member center and upload personal data to complete the account certification. Once your account has been certified successful, you can apply for withdrawal at any time.

How to upload data and authentication account

1. In the website:, enter your registered email address and password, to log in individual member center, your interface should look like this at this time, you will see in the position shown in the red box of your account is in “pending” state, prove that you have not yet submitted personal information, complete account authentication:

2. Click “My MT4 account”, then click “Profile“, and finally click “Upload Doc” on the right, when you will see the button to upload personal data.

3. Please upload your personal data as follows:

4. When you upload the complete three files, the system will prompt you to submit the information, and you will click the “Submit” button directly, and then the system will prompt your identity information to enter the audit process. At this point, you should continue to submit the following “Proof of Address”, “Positive Information Card” and “Information” on the back of bank card, after submit the three data, you have to submit all the required documents, you only need to waiting for audit. Audits are usually completed within one working day.

5. After the staff has completed the review, your account status will be updated as “verified.” congratulations, your account has been certified successfully, and you can submit your application at any time.

Submit application for withdrawal

1. Click “My MT4 Account”, then select “Withdrawal Funds”, select “Withdrawal“, check the consent clause, and finally click “Submit Request” :

2. When you can successfully apply for withdrawal, in your member center, to see your application for withdrawal, is under a state of “Approval” (note before the system approve your application for withdrawal, you can click on the delete button next to approval, cancel the application for withdrawal:

3. When the system after approval of your application for withdrawal, you will see in your member center the withdrawal application has become a “Success”, at this point you can no longer cancel the application for withdrawal, because the system has been successfully dealt with a withdrawal for you, your trading account balance will be updated soon, your bank account within 1 working day will be received the withdrawal.

Withdrawal Notes

FXOAK is known for its “good faith” and “withdraw convenient”. FXOAK has been committed to providing customers with the safest, most convenient service, withdrawal let clients’ money can maximize freedom and circulation, to ensure the absolute safety of client funds!

Please refer to the following:

1. Prior to the first withdrawal, you need to complete an account authentication and bind out the gold bank card. For details, please refer to website:

2. How to withdraw money, please refer to the website.

3. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20, without the maximum withdrawal limit; To the account within one working day; No fee or other implied conditions or expenses.

4. We follows the anti-money laundering and anti-cashing method, all of which can only be sent to the debit card account which has been successfully verified by me.

If you have questions, ask online customer service or email to [email protected] for assistance.

High Risk Investment Warning: Derivative options trading involve significant investment risk, we strongly recommend that you read and understand the terms and conditions. Although every independent risk derivative options trading are flxed. However being a trader,the investment operation is flexible,which may cause you to lose partially or all of the original investment, especially if the trader invest on single online trading product. We strongly recommend investors to choose an appropriate tradiing method and asset management make good control of consecutive trading and total investment.

Regional Restrictions:We does not provide services to residents of the United States, British Columbia, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, etc.

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