About Us


FXOAK is the world’s leading financial broker. It is committed to providing retail clients and financial institutions with a wide range of financial derivatives transactions, mainly including foreign exchange and other CFD products.  FXOAK aims to create the world’s top financial services platform for investors, and provide advanced and secure MT4 trading technology support and trusted professional customer service.

In the capital market, FXOAK is adhering to the principle of “integrity, fairness and efficiency” to provide high-quality financial supporting services for investors. Investors can make more appropriate portfolios according to their own requirements, using advanced MT4 trading software to directly obtain quotations from the market.

Fund Security

FXOAK isolation system strictly execute the client funds, customer’s exclusive completely separate capital account and the company funds, only to customers under the authorization transaction purpose in allocating funds, any other people or institutions are unable to withdraw funds from within the customer’s trading account, to strictly ensure the security of the client money. At the same time, we chose ANZ, the largest bank in New Zealand, as the custodian bank of our clients, and developed a series of internal regulatory safeguards to ensure the safety of investors’ funds.

Service Tenet

There is no hidden clause in FXOAK. What you see is price, execution and promotion, and what we are promoting is that we can give all our customers, no matter how large.

Our service aim is to insist on “customer base”, always put the customer’s needs first, and strive to provide the most thoughtful service for customers. Through effective implementation of this aim, we have obtained the high reputation of global customers and have been among the best foreign exchange brokers in the industry.

Customer Support

FXOAK is committed to allowing customers to win the most profits while trading, and get the most satisfying trading experience! We will continuously bring the latest and most advanced trading tools for customers. We try to make sure every customer can trade with confidence! We not only provide first-rate hardware facilities, but also provide first-class service standard for customers. Any questions raised by the customer will try to ensure that the professional solutions are made in the shortest possible time. From your registered account to the completion of the transaction funds, the professional customer service team of FXOAK will be able to escort your transaction at any time!

High Risk Investment Warning: Derivative options trading involve significant investment risk, we strongly recommend that you read and understand the terms and conditions. Although every independent risk derivative options trading are flxed. However being a trader,the investment operation is flexible,which may cause you to lose partially or all of the original investment, especially if the trader invest on single online trading product. We strongly recommend investors to choose an appropriate tradiing method and asset management make good control of consecutive trading and total investment.

Regional Restrictions:We does not provide services to residents of the United States, British Columbia, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, etc.

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